Farm Toys: What Do You Collect?

Often when collectors begin to collect a certain items, it's out of fascination for that particular item.  It's when you really dive into collecting that you find that you become interested in one specific type or brand within a niche.  For farm toy collectors what does this mean?

For most collectors of toy tractors, there are usually two different ways to differentiate your collection.  The first way would be to collect just one brand of farm toys.  The more popular brands include Ertl or SpecCast, but other brands like Britains Farm Toys are also popular among collectors.  It's always interesting to see the evolution of farm toys made by one manufacturer and each goes through seasons of building good quality farm toys as well as poor quality ones.  It's when a company really tries to cut costs that collectors and enthusiasts end up getting the short end of the stick when this happens.

Another way to collector farm toys is to collect based on brand of tractor.  Maybe you're a fan of John Deere tractors and the earlier Waterloo Boy tractors, or maybe it's a Canadian brand like Cockshutt.  What about some of the other obscure brands like Universal, Zetor and Fendt that only enjoyed moderate success in North America?  It's always interesting to watch the evolution of the actual real tractors as well.  It doesn't matter if you're a farmer or you live in the city, these are fun toys to collect!