Dating back to the days of threshing machines and horses, Farmall was a brand of tractor made by International Harvester.  The Farmall trademark was the two narrow front wheels, which looked similar to a tricycle.  Farmall was the first company to build tractors like this, which allow the tractor manouver much better than other tractors available at that time.

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In the 1920's the first Farmall tractor was produced, and was named "Farmall" as it was more of a test than anything else. Once management saw that these three-wheeled tractors would be successful, they began producing them in large quantities and renamed it the Farmall F-20. Following this success Farmall introduced many other F-series tractors, before switching to a letter naming system.

In the 1940's, Farmall introduced a small tractor called the Farmall Cub, which would prove to be highly successful with a purchase price of $545.

Over the years, Farmall tractors became widely known for their quality and durability and this was evident by their large sales numbers. From 1939 to 1952, Farmall was the sales leader in row crop tractors.

After many different changes and acquisitions in the tractor industry, the Farmall name disappeared from production completely in 1975 which marked the end of an era in farm equipment.

The long history and large selection of models makes collecting Farmall Diecast tractors and exciting hobby.